About us

The Gospel Collective Church is a creative, gospel-centred group, of disciple-making communities who love Jesus


GCC was started by Dan & Susie Romer in January 2016 following several years in pastoral ministry in UK and United States where they worked with Covenant Ministries International (CMI).

In January 2021 they returned to the US and the leadership team is now led by Malcolm and Megan Gamon, recently returned from church planting in South Africa. The church is now developing a strong relationship with the Newfrontiers family of churches.


We have three core values that shape all that we do, all that we are, and guides 

the use of our energies and resources. 


Gospel Message 

The gospel is the message of how all things are made new through Jesus. The gospel gives shape to the church, strength for family and renewal in culture. It is the power of God that grows and transforms us. To herald the news that men & women are reconciled to God through Jesus, deserves every passionate endeavour and the upmost dedicated training for the people of God. 


Gospel Mission 

The mission of God is beautifully displayed in the sending of the Son of God into the world to 

passionately pursue an undeserving people for the radical display of Gods gracious love in 

redeeming them for Himself. Because we know who Jesus is and what he has done, we now 

know who we are and what we are to do. Therefore we are moved to embark on this discipleship mission with God and unwaveringly dedicated to strategic church planting. 


Gospel Community 

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the original family who work together for the 

redemption of mankind. We, then, are shaped by the gospel, into gospel communities. We are family, with spiritual mothers and fathers, raising spiritual sons and daughters to be 

mature. We share life with one another, we are on mission together, and enjoy life together 

for Gods glory.




Our essential and strategic distinctives that we are very passionate about are: 


Gospel Centred 

We believe in gospel centrality in all of life. The good news of God's powerful goodness and 

kindness expressed in the person and work of Jesus informs all we do. 


Rom. 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes


Disciple Making 

God's way of sharing his grace with others is by using people. It's not a formula or system, but it's how God does it. So we help others grow as disciples, and teach them to make 

disciples who make more disciples. 


Matt. 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations...'


Mission Focused 

The church is by nature a missional movement; there's always a pointy bit where we are 

expanding and advancing into new frontiers. 


Luke 2:49 'I must be about my Father's business' 


Spirit Empowered 

We must have a radical dependency on the leading of the Holy Spirit who is altogether sufficient to lead, teach and guide us into all truth. 


Rom. 8:14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God


Malc & Megs Gamon


Malc and Megs moved from Brighton to Johannesburg in 2008 with their young family and ended up planting and leading Godfirst Church East Rand.


In Jan 2020 they returned to the UK as they felt God speak to them about serving Him here. They are excited about what God is doing in the City of Bath and sharing with people the life changing message of the Gospel - God's love for us.

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Josh & Katherine Dunbar


Josh & Katherine live in Odd Down with their two lovely kids, James and Emma. Josh is a teacher, a great preacher with a shepherd's heart and super dad with a few football skills. Katherine loves mission and entrepreneurship and she helps run a small business manufacturing teething products for babies. 


Jon & Jacky Nzakizwanayo


Jon & Jacky originate from Rwanda and have an amazing story of God's miraculous grace [ask them]. They live in Weston, Bath with their beautiful young daughters Joanna and Jessica.


Their passion is to see people reconciled to God and to one another. Jon is also a research scientist at Bath Uni; Jacky is an early years practitioner and works at a local nursery.

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Nigel & Janita Ring



Nigel served administratively alongside Terry Virgo and the Newfrontiers family of churches for over 30 years. He's passionate about helping people who are poor or in need. Janita loves being with people and is a warrior in prayer.